Nanoarchitectronics: scientists work together to envision the future

A European grant for a research action across Electromagnetics and Nanoelectronics.

Science opens the doors of the future and lets us conceive what the world of the next generations will be like. Thirteen universities, research organizations centers and high-tech industries, led by the University of Siena (professor Stefano Maci) have just been granted by EU 670 thousand Euros within a FET-OPEN Coordination and Support Action project called Nanoarchitechtronics, to boost a common strategy for the future application driven research in this new interdisciplinary area at the crossroad of Electromagnetics and Nanoelectronics. The establishment of an accepted language among physicists and engineers, a shared way of thinking and a common theoretical foundation will be the goals for the researchers within the work program. This new technology envisions the future, through conceiving, designing and developing reconfigurable, adaptive and cognitive structures, sensorial surface and smart skins with unique sensorial properties. assembling at nanoscale building blocks in hierarchical architectures.
“The project – professor Maci says – aims at laying the foundation for an ever increasing synergy and progress for Nanoarchitechtronics, a new area of research that responds to the need of unifying concepts, methodologies and technologies in communication, sensing systems, safety and security, bio-sensing systems and imaging nanosystems, related to future applications in ICT, transport and environment”.
Concept, strategy, dissemination and exploitation will be the key issues for the project that promises to unveil a new conception for the next human existence.