Health and well-being

Late diagnoses, as well as incorrect adherence of patients to the prescribed medications, are two major causes of mortality. The availability of miniaturised and personalised monitoring systems to be implanted into or positioned on the human body could drastically reduce the incidence of these. The improved miniaturisation levels offered by the use of metamaterials/metasurfaces, and simultaneously their capability to control and manipulate electromagnetic wavefronts at nanoscale offer the possibility to create miniaturised sensors to be permanently inserted in or positioned on the human body; e.g., using oligonucleotides/antibodies on a nanostructured biochip and surface enhanced Raman scattering allowing to detect even extremely low concentrations of specific markers from cancer cells, even in the case of unknown cancerous sources. These sensors can provide a continuous monitoring of important vital parameters, as well as the presence of specific compounds through enhanced spectroscopic analysis. This constant monitoring can guarantee timely diagnoses and trigger prompt corrective actions.