Impact on Semiconductor Industry

Reducing costs and time-to-market are essential factors to sustain the current capabilities in the technology roadmaps for the semiconductor industry. This must be done while simultaneously maintaining reliable nano-manufacturing processes. The process geometries and device dimensions are shrinking to the level where conventional technologies, currently used for production and quality control, are approaching physical boundaries, and a further reduction will soon appear neither technologically nor economically feasible. Besides shrinking the critical dimensions even further, 3D scaling is expected to introduce new functionalities and to optimise the available space. Moreover, introduction of 3D architectures requires a breakthrough in the manufacturing process potentially based on a hybrid 3D nano-manufacturing and packaing. Using only optical/electron subtractive technologies is insufficient to manufacture the 3D nanoarchitectures at the required scale because of limited resolution or, when the resolution is high enough,  limited scale of the processed field.