Security Sensors

A further candidate for NTX application relates to security sensors. Sub-millimeter and millimetre-wave and THz imaging technology, as opposed to X-ray imaging, can provide solutions for safe, accurate and fast security screening of people, parcels, luggage and shipped goods. However, current systems still show severe limitations for widespread use in public areas, such assafety concerns, throughput rate, resolution, complexity and cost. Novel concepts based on Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) radar topologies can achieve the required the high resolution images with a considerable reduction in the number of transmitters and receivers, and thus reducing costs. NTX aims at achieving an extreme modularization of the approach in scalable systems with unprecedented flexibility towards different operational requirements enabling the use of hybrid RF and photonic technologies.  NTX can also have a strong impacton the area of biological hazard, enabling the realization of reliable, sensitive, selective and noise protected biosensors, comparing thermodynamics and kinetics of DNA and RNA hybridizations both in the bulk and when immobilized on the surface of a substrate.