High data-rate communications: beyond 5G

Future 5G systems will seek for high area throughput efficiency in order to meet the exponentially growing requirements for data.  After 2030 and following the analysis of the NetWorld organization and the 5G PPP Vision, beyond 5G architectures and systems will address ultra-dense networks, fragmented frequency management, fundamental techniques for Tb/s communications, enabling techniques and technologies for higher carrier frequencies, realizable Massive MIMO architectures, Device-to-device (D2D) networking, wireless and optical fronthaul/backhaul. These high-speed systems, in frequency band ranging from microwaves to THz. could help to mesh extremely dense urban areas to bring high-speed internet access, or high-speed networks (typically 10Gbps). Optical wireless communications (Infra-Red (IR) and optics (visible) spectrum region) will be extremely useful to access to ultra-wide spectrum bandwidth. NTX  research program is well aligned with massive MIMO architectures requirements, by covering the design and development of novel device architectures such as custom antennas, transmitters, amplifiers, switches, filters, transceivers, linearisers throughout the radio frequency (RF) up to THz and to IR and optics domains.