• Underpinning a EU (visionary) long-term research in NANOARCHITECTRONICS;
  • Unifying physics and engineering research of electromagnetic phenomena at all scales, from Microwave to Lightwaves beyond international State-of-Art;
  • Creating European industrial leadership through the radically new approaches of Nanoarchitectronics;
  • Launching ProActive FET and Flaghsip initiatives;
  • Orienting ideas into projects and creating excellent partnerships;
  • Giving opportunities to talented early-stage researchers (MSCA);
  • Constructing a synergy with other international EU platforms.
  • ECSEL: www.ecsel-ju.eu
  • METAMORPHOSE: www.metamorphose-vi.org
  • EUPHONON: www.euphonon.eu
  • EuRAAP: www.euraap.org
  • EuMA: www.eumwa.org
  • Spintronics Factory: magnetism.eu/spintronicfactory
    STF is a European network founded in 2016, with mission to promote research and innovation in Europe based on spintronics. It is based on a legal Memorandum of Understanding involving more than 40 academic and industrial actors all across Europe. Their activities include RF applications, magnonics and spin logic, magnetic memories and magnetic sensors.
  • Graphene Flagship: graphene-flagship.eu