Research Program

The research activities in NTX can be classified into 5 macro-areas, shortly presented here below, each of ones is described in more details in the “Roadmap document for Nanoarchtectronics” available at the URL:

  • Extreme Scale Electromagnetic Interactions (EXEMI). This research area concerns with NTX systems enabling or improving the performance of electromagnetic (EM) systems over the whole frequency spectrum through wave-matter inter action at sub-optical nano scale level.
  • Metatronics (MTX). This area concerns with the generation of space-time varying, controllable nano-structured, new material sex hibiting unusual EM macroscopic properties and functionalities.
  • Surfacetronics (SFX). This area concerns with the conception, analysis and realization of reconfigurable, sensorial, adaptive and cognitive “skins” for sensing and communications.
  • Nanoscale Material Engineering (NAME). This area concerns with the technologies for the realization of new engineered materials like hierarchical nano-composites and combination of them. These materials will be lightweight and will exhibit multifunctional mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.
  • Multiscale Design Enabling Modeling (MDM). This area covers theoretical and computational methods, which unifies multilevel, quantum and EM methods, and system by design methods