Nanoscale Material Engineering (NAME)

Recent advances in Nanotechnology made possible realizing nano-composites, a class of composites where one or more separate phases have dimension in the nano-scale range (<100nm). Nanocomposites are of great interest because they are intrinsically multifunctional materials, and by the joining of different phases they generate themselves unique and high performance materials. Consequently, it is possible, in principle, to design a composite (or hybrid) material for specifically targeted properties with a precise and specific combination of phases, also aiming at creating a new generation of photonic crystals. The use of different kinds of composites, starting from the classical combinations of two or more different materials, can bring a superior and unique material with new features (e.g. valleytronics, featuring controlled presence of a local maximum/minimum on the valence/conduction band) exploitable for improved mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. This technology is likely compatible with future generation of 3D printing technology.